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A guide to living in Potrero Hill, San Francisco

Potrero Hill History

Potrero Hill’s roots grow deep in San Francisco’s history and evolution. Originally, before any sort of development, Potrero Hill has as where farmers raised cattle for Mission Dolores, hence the name “Potrero” which translates to pasture in Spanish.

Far from the original developments of the city, up in North beach and close to the entrance of the bay, Potrero Hill did not gain much attention until America’s industrial period.┬áLarge industries that were unwanted around populated urban areas, soon moved in around Potrero hill. It was until then, that workers began building their homes on Potrero Hill, close to the still factories and docks. Slowly, Potrero saw more and more development and the neighborhood grew as a cultural center for blue collar working americans.

San Francisco’s roll in World War Two was impactful on the city. Naval activity sprung up in Marin, Hunter’s Point, Alameda, and Treasure Island. Hundreds of worker’s were needed to build ships and weapons in case of a Japanese invasion, and many came from all over the nation to live in Potrero Hill.

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